Disability protection

The temporary disability insurance provides guaranteed income to freelance and self-employed workers.

Legal defense and claims

We help you solve all problems related to your vehicle.

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12 May 2015


Pregnancy requires certain precautions.  Pregnancy does not have to prevent a future mother from driving but women must take certain...

12 May 2015

How do the photosensitive rear-view mirrors work?

The rearview mirrors, our vision extension. Mirrors in our vehicle allow us a clear view both to the rear and the sides of the vehicle. But what...

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With our free application you can quickly and easily request roadside assistance or make an emergency call to 112, among other features. Seguros MDC’s APP is essential for Seguros MDC drivers.
Or if you prefer contact us at (34) -934-888-073 (24h). Travel assistance for Spain and abroad.

Aplicación Seguros MDC Aplicación Seguros MDC
Aplicación Seguros MDC Aplicación Seguros MDC

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