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Construction faults

I want to file a claim for several construction faults in our home, which is a new building that we purchased two years ago.

Query: Two years ago we bought a new house in a new building from a developer and we have noticed several construction faults, such as the heating, which is not correctly installed and causes a considerable amount of condensation in the kitchen. Can we file a claim to have it repaired? Who should we to complain to?

Response: You will have to file a claim against the developer. The law is binding with respect to housing construction, except in the case of self-built homes, and provided the homes are not sold later to a third party, the developer must take out property damage insurance, covering the following claims:
a)      One-year warranty for material damages caused by construction faults affecting finishing work. ;
b)      Three-year warranty for material damages caused by construction element faults or facilities affecting habitability requirements.
c)      Ten-year warranty for material damages caused by faults affecting the foundations, beams, frame, load-bearing walls or other structural elements directly affecting the strength and stability of the building .

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