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Disability protection

An accident or an illness can prevent us from working. We cannot avoid them, but we can mitigate their financial effects.

This insurance is targeted at freelance and self-employed workers.

Optional cover:

Advantages of our Temporary Disability Insurance:

  • The compensation is in addition to compensation paid by the social welfare authorities and other private insurance.
  • Tax Deductible for companies and self-employed workers up to the legal maximum amount.
  • No medical discharge or sick leave is required (you will be paid in accordance with daily schedules).
  • No vesting period is required when coming from another company or in the event of an accident.
  • No waiting for damage recovery.
  • No insurance excess.
  • Speed in receiving payments.
  • Direct, personal service.

Protect your income with Seguros MDC.

Our Temporary Disability Insurance includes:

  • Compensation based on scale (complementary to social welfare compensation)
  • Hospitalization

Choose the insurance policy that best suits your needs:

  • Professional temporary disability Insurance
  • Personal temporary disability labour Insurance
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