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Family Care and Burial Expenses insurance

Although it is hard to accept, there will come a day when our loved ones may leave us. When this sad moment ends up happening, it is always unexpected and generates both economic costs and paperwork for which we are never emotionally prepared. For that reason, if you want to ensure comfort to your family, the most appropriate thing to do would be hiring our insurance of Family Care and Burial Expenses.
Our insurance includes not only this contingency, but it will also include other additional services: travel assistance, dental services (there are more than 40 dental treatments for free included in the insurance)…

In MDC we will take care of everything. You will not have to worry at all, and you and your family will be always supported.

Our insurance of Family Care and Burial Expenses includes:

  • Full funeral service (coffin, hearse, inhumation expenses, cremation…)
  • Certificates, rights and procedures
  • Transfer to residence place in Spain
  • Travel assistance
  • Psychological support
  • Dental service
  • Hospitalization

MDC Family Care and Burial Expenses insurance, bringing you peace at difficult times. 

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