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Seguros MDC is a company of reference in the Spanish social economy sector. It was founded in 1906 and its business experience has always been characterized by its wish to provide solutions in different areas related to safe, responsible driving.

As a result of this experience, MDC insurance set up its own foundation in 2009.

The MDC Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation, created for the purpose of benefiting society through social interest programs and influencing drivers, through promoting safe driving campaigns, research and education counselling.

In creating the Foundation, MDC not only seeks to remain true to its original roots, but also to convert it into its differentiating factor.


  • To promote values, education and human rights by imparting studies, training programs and holding conferences.
  • To promote human solidarity, dignity and other inherent values on a personal basis.
  • To guarantee greater safety in driving on roads.


In short, to open up new horizons through activities that will encourage and help to develop a sense of solidarity among drivers.

The MDC foundation organizes various study and educational programs to encourage the responsible use of vehicles, in addition to civility and respect for drivers and pedestrians.


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Foundation Projects
Foundation Projects

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