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Tax advice

Take a look at the latest amendments implemented by RD 20/2012 in the attached file:

- Latest developments regarding Income tax, VAT and Corporation Tax.

We know that administrative protocols related to taxes and statements can be complicated to understand and manage, especially when you are not well versed in administrative language.  

MDC Seguros aims to help you to complete your tax returns and all other types of forms so you can submit them to the Tax authorities without any problem.

MDC Seguros provides a complete tax advisory service to allow you to keep abreast of all tax-related issues.

Query: I am not required to file income tax return. If I eventually do so, will I receive a refund of what was withheld from my payroll and from my current accounts?

Response: Not being obliged to file an income tax return does not necessarily mean you are entitled to a tax refund, as it is assumed that all the appropriate tax amounts have been withheld from your salary.

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