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Tax and module management

We know your work is your main source of income. That's why we want to provide you the best advice to maximise tax savings, in order to ensure the correct fulfilment of your obligations and be able to claim your rights.

Our tax consultant team will study your situation on a case-by-case basis, in order to better understand your situation and propose the most appropriate solution for you and your company.

We know that tax returns involve complex bureaucratic processes. Our tax consult team aims to become your partner and manager in tax assets, tax audits and other issues, to relieve you of the burden posed by these matters and allow you to dedicate your efforts entirely to your professional activity.

Query:In the event of a businessman, professional or company wishing to purchase a vehicle for both business and personal use, is it possible to deduct VAT on the vehicle from the purchase?

Response:It is possible to deduct half the VAT on the purchase of that vehicle, since the legislation on that tax supports the assumption that passenger cars and trailers, mopeds and motorcycles affect 50% of the business.


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