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Travel assistance insurance

If you usually travel with your automobile or your job requires you to travel frequently, either nationally or internationally, we know that it is very important for you to have travel assistance insurance to protect you in case of an accident or breakdown.

Seguros MDC offers you the best travel insurance, with the conditions you need and in all cases with the advice of the best experts. We cover any contingency: towing service, medical expenses, theft of baggage and others.

Our travel assistance insurance includes:

Vehicle assistance:

  • Mechanical assistance.
  • Vehicle tow or transportation
  • Vehicle recovery.
  • Hotel expenses.
  • Transport, repatriation.
  • Car rental.
  • Benefits to policyholders in the event of vehicle theft.
  • Boarding fees.
  • Shipping parts.
  • Etc…

Personal assistance:

  • Transport and medical repatriation of sick and wounded people.
  • Transport and repatriation of policyholders.
  • Early return of the policyholder due to the death of a relative.
  • Early return of the policyholder due to a serious problem at home.
  • Round-trip ticket for a relative, plus hotel expenses.


  • Medical, surgery, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses.
  • Stay in a hotel abroad.
  • Shipment of documents and medicines abroad.
  • Transport or repatriation of deceased and other policyholders.
  • Search and transport of luggage and personal belongings.
  • Sending of messages.
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